Makan: A Place of Cultural Keepsake Arts & Cultur

Makan: A Place of Cultural Keepsake
Situated on the corner of Saad Zaghloul and Mansour Street in the shabby yet chic neighbourhood of Mounira, Makan provides a cosy ambience and stellar atmosphere for live music performances and other art forms that have historically breathed life into the Egyptian community.

More notable than its convenient location, however, is Makan's admirable purpose; the establishment, which is also known as The Egyptian Centre for Culture and Art, serves to be much greater than just a modest venue to hear a little music every once in awhile.  
Makan's aim as a music venue and art space is to not only to record and present traditional Egyptian music in a sacred yet relational way, but also to encourage individuals to take part in the re-awakening of a culturally significant Egyptian arts and music scene. In recent years, its significance has been seemingly glossed over by uniformity, modern conventionalism, and lack of aspiration to, heaven forbid, experience anything culturally relevant and historically rich.
For the heritage of this timeless arts and music scene to survive, ranging from dance and music to poetry and spoken word, venues such as Makan are critical for conservation.
On Tuesday evenings, as you enter the eclectic dwelling space of Makan's performance area, various instruments will be found lining the stage, ranging from a saxophone to the Egyptian arghoul (woodwind instrument) and enough percussions to have you moving to the anticipated beats before the show even begins. 

Nass Makan takes the stage and you realize the beauty of tradition and the peace in keeping it alive. Whether you choose to sit in the dimly lit loft overlooking the performers or catch a seat close enough to feel the vibrations of the bass, the interaction between the performers and the audience provides an intimate setting to truly embrace the music of the moment. From the jazz-infused rhythms, combined with traditional Egyptian and Sudanese styles, to the sultry, powerful voice of Sudanese singer Asia , Nass Makan is a sweet, musical jewel that shouldn't be missed. 

The fresh sound and symbolic nature of the music is a rare find these days. If a free Tuesday can't be found, the Mazaher ensemble plays on Wednesdays, including a tamboura (six-string lyre) and manjour (leather belt with goat hooves). The Mazaher ensemble is one of the last Zar performance groups in Egypt ; so it’s a unique and enlightening experience.
Don't miss the self-serve tea and karkade station and make sure to arrive early to guarantee good seating. CDs are often sold at the door after the performances, providing a great way to not only support the artists but to continue being part of Makan's ambitious aim of keeping the traditional Egyptian arts and music scene alive.

Grilled Mackerel Fish Recipes & Madiun acid



Five hundred grams of mackerel fish

Materials spices:

2 cloves garlic
3 red onion
2-inch young ginger
1 inch yellow life
Salt to taste
Little black pepper

Materials Madiun acid:

2 large onion - sliced
1 clove garlic - sliced
A sprig of red chilli - sliced
30 grams tamarind Javanese - was the juice with 50 ml water
20 grams sugar

Way of preparation:

Season fish with spices or ingredients for a minute.

Heat pan and roast fish until cooked.

For sour sauce, integrated all the dressing ingredients.

Ready to serve. Good try.

Resepi Ikan Tenggiri Panggang & Kuah Asam


500 gram isi ikan tenggiri

Bahan rempah:

2 ulas bawang putih
3 biji bawang merah
2 inci halia muda
1 inci kunyit hidup
Garam secukup rasa
Sedikit lada hitam

Bahan Kuah Asam:

2 biji bawang besar - dihiris
1 ulas bawang putih - dihiris
1 tangkai cili merah - dihiris
30 gram asam jawa – buat jus dengan 50 ml air
20 gram gula melaka

Cara Penyediaan:

Perap ikan bersama bahan rempah selama 1 minit.

Panaskan kuali dan panggang ikan sehingga masak.

Untuk kuah asam, satukan kesemua bahan kuah.

Sedia dihidangkan. Selamat mencuba.

shafiqfarhan Udang Goreng Bersalut Telur


Bahan-bahan ( 1 - 2 Orang )

  • >> Bahan-bahan Utama <<
  • Udang besar 8 - 10 ekor yang siap dibersihkan (jgn buang kulit dan kepala, hilang kerangupannya).
  • 2 biji telur
  • 2 sudu besar tepung ubi
  • 1/2 sudu teh serbuk lada berperisa
  • 1/2 sudu teh gula
  • 1 sudu teh kicap
  • Minyak untuk menggoreng
  • Garam secukup rasa
  • >> Sos Pencicah <<
  • 4 biji cili merah besar ditumbuk/dikisar
  • 2 sudu besar gula ditumbuk/dikisar
  • 2 ulas bawang putih ditumbuk/dikisar
  • 1 sudu besar perencah udang bercili (Maggi)
  • 4 biji limau kasturi (boleh diganti dengan 1 sudu besar cuka)


  1. Gaul udang dengan tepung ubi sampai sebati.
  2. Gaulkan serbuk lada, gula, kicap dan garam secukup rasa bersama telur.
  3. Setelah itu, campurkan telur dan bahan-bahan campuran tadi dengan udang yang bersalut tepung ubi. Gaulkan hingga sebati.
  4. Goreng satu persatu udang tersebut. Kalau nak ekspress, just tuang aje semuanya ke dalam kuali.
  5. Untuk penyediaan sosnya pula, bahan-bahan sos pencicah tadi ditumis dan masukkan perencah udang bercili Maggi. Kemudian rembeskan limau kasturi. Kacau sekejap. Itu saja! 

    Easy Steamed Fish Recipes snappers


    1 medium sized barramundi fish
    3 tablespoons oyster sauce
    2 milk, chili sauce
    2 milk, tomato sauce
    1 tablespoon sugar
    A sprig of red chili - finely dimayang
    4 cm ginger - finely dimayang
    3 cloves garlic - dimayang
    Seeds ½ lime
    salt to taste

    How to cook:

    Wash the fish and the two sides not to drop out of soil salt and sugar.
    Pour just three sauces.
    Enter the fish on the plate last summer, seeding materials dimayang earlier.
    Steam until the estimated cooking for 10 minutes. Sprinkle chopped parsley mixture and lemon on top dairy

    Resepi Ikan Siakap Kukus Mudah


    1 ekor ikan siakap sederhana besar
    3 sudu besar sos tiram
    2 susu besar sos cili
    2 susu besar sos tomato
    1 sudu gula
    1 tangkai cili merah – dimayang halus
    4 cm halia – dimayang halus
    3 ulas bawang putih – dimayang
    ½ biji limau nipis
    garam secukup rasa

    Cara memasak:

    Cuci ikan dan belah dua jangan sampai putus lumur garam dan gula.
    Tuang ketiga-tiga sos tadi.
    Masukkan ikan dalam pinggan tahan panas, tabur bahan yang dimayang tadi.
    Kukus hingga masak anggaran selama 10 minit. Tabur hirisan daun sup tadi dan perah limau diatasnya

    Shrimp recipe blow-LOVE

    ½ pound shrimp

    1 small cans Tomato puree

    A thin orange seeds

    A tie coriander

    1 cup water

    Oil adequate

    Salt and sugar to taste

    Spices GILING:

    1 tsp caraway fine

    1 tsp black pepper

    1 tbsp coriander

    1 large onion pumpkin

    1 clove garlic

    5 pieces of red onion

    5 stalks dried pepper

    1 stick lemon grass

    For decoration:

    ½ cup fried onion

    1 large onion (cut into round)

    A sprig of red pepper (sliced)

    1 stalk green pepper (chopped)

    Heat oil, Stir ingredients that have been rolled out earlier. Add water, tomato puree and cook until the shrimp boil. Then add the water orange peel, salt, sugar and coriander leaves. Cook until sauce thickens. Finally, add the onion, red pepper, green pepper and garlic fries.



    ½ kilo Udang
    1 Tin kecil Tomato puri
    1 biji Limau nipis
    1 ikat Daun Ketumbar
    1 cawan Air
    Minyak secukupnya
    Garam dan gula secukup rasa

    1 sdt Jintan halus
    1 sdt Lada hitam
    1 sdm Ketumbar
    1 labu Bawang besar
    1 ulas Bawang putih
    5 biji Bawang merah
    5 tangkai Lada kering
    1 batang Serai

    ½ cawan Bawang goreng
    1 biji Bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
    1 tangkai Lada merah (dihiris)
    1 tangkai Lada hijau (dihiris)

    Panaskan minyak, tumiskan bahan-bahan yang telah digiling tadi. Masukkan air, tomato puri dan udang dimasak sehingga mendidih. Kemudian masukkan air perahan limau, garam, gula dan daun ketumbar. Masak sehingga kuah pekat. Akhir sekali, masukkan bawang besar, lada merah, lada hijau dan bawang goreng.

    Laksam kelantan food - recipe modification from Ida


    Ingredients (2-3 people)

        * 3cwn TPG rice
        * 1 / 2 cwn TPG wheat
        * 4cwn warm water
        *>> Of dressing:
        * Fish (boiled, the bones removed), was dipped tuh mcm nk
        * Sdkt ginger
        * Sdkt garlic
        * Laksam

    kelantan food - recipe modification from Ida

    Ingredients (2-3 people)

    * 3cwn TPG RICE
    * 1 / 2 cwn TPG Wheat
    * 4cwn warm water
    *>> Of dressing:
    * Fish (boiled, the bones removed), was dipped tuh mcm nk
    * Sdkt Ginger
    * Sdkt Garlic
    * Sdkt bwg red / large
    * Sdkt pepper / black pepper powder pon ok
    * Coconut Milk
    * Acid pieces
    * Sdkt salt
    * Low sugar / sugar

    *>> Dish Materials
    * Cucumber, kcg long, bean sprouts, spring kesum (chopped fine)
    *>> Chile:
    * Chili
    * Shrimp paste
    * Salt
    * Orange


    1. How do laksam: Mix all ingredients. Apply a lid with a little oil for cooking, to avoid sticking. Take some dough and put on lid. Steam until cooked.
    2. When I cooked, remove. Let the moment before the rolled-to laksam look smooth and beautiful. While I letaklah little dough on the other lid and steam until cooked. Repeat until finished
    3. For the sauce: minced fish, Ginger, Garlic, onion and black pepper. Then add to pot with the other ingredients. Cook until quite thick.
    4. For the Chili: red chilli pounded with Shrimp paste, add grm skit Dairy and citrus red / large
        * Sdkt pepper / black pepper powder pon ok
        * Coconut Milk
        * Acid pieces
        * Sdkt salt
        * Low sugar / sugar
        *>> Dish Materials
        * Cucumber, kcg long, bean sprouts, spring kesum (chopped fine)
        *>> Chile:
        * Chili
        * Shrimp paste
        * Salt
        * Orange


       1. How do laksam: Mix all ingredients. Apply a lid with a little oil for cooking, to avoid sticking. Take some dough and put on lid. Steam until cooked.
       2. When I cooked, remove. Let the moment before the rolled-to laksam look smooth and beautiful. While I letaklah little dough on the other lid and steam until cooked. Repeat until finished
       3. For the sauce: minced fish, ginger, garlic, onion and black pepper. Then add to the pot with other ingredients. Cook until quite thick.
       4. For the chili: red chilli pounded with shrimp paste, add dairy and citrus grm skit

    Resepi Laksam


    masakan kelantan - ubahsuai resepi dari Ida

    Bahan-bahan ( 2-3 orang )

    • 3cwn tpg beras
    • 1/2 cwn tpg gandum
    • 4cwn air suam
    • >>bahan kuah:
    • Ikan(direbus,dibuang tulang)-mcm nk buat laksa tuh
    • Sdkt halia
    • Sdkt bwg putih
    • Sdkt bwg merah/besar
    • Sdkt lada hitam/serbuk lada hitam pon ok
    • Santan
    • Asam keping
    • Sdkt garam
    • Sedikit gula merah/gula
    • >> Bahan ulam
    • timun,kcg panjang,taugeh,daun kesum(dipotong halus)
    • >>cili:
    • cili merah
    • belacan
    • garam
    • limau


    1. Cara buat laksam: Gaulkan semua bahan-bahan. Sapukan tudung periuk dengan sedikit minyak masak-utk mengelak dari melekat. Ambik sedikit adunan dan letakkan di atas tudung periuk. Kukus sampai masak.
    2. Bila dah masak, keluarkan. Biarkan sekejap sebelum digulung- supaya laksam kelihatan licin dan cantik. Sementara tu letaklah sedikit adunan ke atas tudung periuk lain dan kukus sampai masak. Ulang sampai habis
    3. Untuk kuah: kisar isi ikan, halia, bawang putih, bawang merah dan lada hitam. Kemudian masukkan ke dalam periuk bersama bahan-bahan lain. Masak sehingga agak pekat.
    4. Untuk cili: cili merah tumbuk dgn belacan,tambah grm skit dan perahkan limau

    Laksam Recipe



    Laksam material:
    3 cups rice flour
    6 tablespoons cornstarch
    6 cups water

    Dressing material:
    3 sardine
    1 cup coconut milk
    ½ onion
    4 cloves garlic
    1 inch ginger
    1 stem lemon grass
    2 tbsp phut
    A little pepper
    Two acid
    1 inch ginger
    Grams and sugar to taste
    A little oil for menumis

    Additives (if you want):
    Boiled eggs
    Cucumber - finely cut
    Bean sprouts
    Sambal belacan
    Chile mashed
    Long beans - cut into small pieces

    Method of preparation:
    Preparation laksam:
    Laksam Combine all ingredients and stir to mix well. Set aside to cook and marinate ei ½ hours. Meanwhile, the hot steam.
    Rub oil on nampan or flat plate, Are in the steam. Pour 2 tablespoons of batter laksam pan / dish and brush for flat and thin.
    Steam until maturity, a little difficult but not runny.
    Pick up from the bath and let cool slightly before the cuts.
    Roll up lengthwise and cut into small.

    Prepare sauce:
    Cooking fish until maturity.

    Finely chopped onion, garlic, lemongrass and ginger.

    Heat oil in a pan and fry the blended ingredients.

    Enter sour, gemerisik, ginger, pepper, salt and sugar to taste. Stir until fragrant.

    Filter fish from starch, starch reserves. Blend until crushed and put the fish in the pan first. Beef for stir well.

    tapiskan fish extract into the pot and stir until boiling.

    Add coconut milk and stir again until boiling.

    Taste with salt and sugar, add as necessary. Cover fire.

    Serve cut laksam with additional material and dressing.

    Resepi Laksam :



    Bahan Laksam:
    3 cawan tepung beras

    6 sudu besar tepung jagung
    6 cawan air
    sedikit garam

    Bahan kuah:
    3 ekor ikan sardin
    1 gelas santan
    ½ biji bawang besar
    4 ulas bawang putih
    1 inci halia
    1 batang serai
    2 sudu kerisik
    Sedikit lada sulah
    2 asam keping
    1 inci lengkuas
    Gram dan gula secukup rasa
    Sedikit minyak untuk menumis

    Bahan tambahan (jika suka):
    Telur rebus
    Daun salad
    Timun – potong halus
    Sambal belacan
    Cili tumbuk
    Kacang panjang – potong kecil-kecil

    Cara-cara penyediaan:
    Penyediaan laksam:
    Satukan kesemua bahan laksam dan gaul sehingga sebati. Ketepikan dan perap sema ½ jam. Sementara itu panaskan kukusan.
    Sapu sedikit minyak pada loyang atau pinggan leper, masukkan ke dalam kukusan. Tuang 2 senduk adunan laksam pada loyang/pinggan dan sapu hingga rata dan nipis.
    Kukus sehingga masak, agak keras tetapi tidak berair.
    Keluarkan dari kukusan dan biarkan sejuk sedikit sebelum digulung.
    Gulung memanjang dan potong kecil.

    Penyediaan kuah:
    Rebus ikan sehingga masak.

    Kisar halus bawang merah, bawang putih, serai dan halia.

    Panaskan minyak dalam periuk dan tumis bahan-bahan yang telah dikisar.

    Masukkan asam keping, kerisik, lengkuas, lada sulah, garam dan gula secukup rasa. Kacau sehingga naik bau.

    Tapis ikan dari air rebusan, simpan air rebusan. Kisar ikan sehingga hancur dan masukkan ke dalam periuk tadi. Kacau hingga rata.

    Tapiskan air rebusan ikan kedalam periuk dan kacau sehingga mendidih.

    Masukkan santan dan kacau lagi hingga mendidih.

    Rasa garam dan gula, tambah jika perlu. Tutup api.

    Sajikan potongan laksam bersama bahan-bahan tambahan dan kuah.

    Acar fruit Maklang


    The materials

        * 4 pieces lime / citrus musk
        * 10 pieces of bamboo orange starfruit

        * 20 pieces of orange gooseberry
        * 5 young orange mangoes
        * 1 cup raisins
        * 5 pieces of orange nutmeg
        * A small bowl of pickled ginger
        * 10 seed prune
        * 250gm tamarind fruit Boi - red
        * 5 lote citrus fruits
        * 20 seeds, onion, wipe one-piece
        * 5 cloves garlic, let the one-piece
        * A little sesame fried
        * 1 / 2 bottle of white vinegar
        * 2 1 / 2 cup sugar
        * 1 1 / 2 cup dried chili ready ground
        * 2 tsp coriander powder
        * 1 teaspoon ground anise
        * 1 tablespoon ground cumin
        * A little sesame fried
        * 5 cloves, sliced
        * 3 cloves garlic, sliced
        * 1 cup oil for menumis


        * Heat oil, sliced onion Stir until fragrant. Then add chopped chillies. When the chili cool, add coriander powder, aniseed and cumin.

        * If you have fragrant, add the sugar and vinegar. when the sugar has dissolved and concentrated, add the fruit and onions. Masaklah until thick and quite dry.

        * Finally, add sesame fried. Be lifted, and serve.

    ps: Acar hold stored for two weeks.

    Good try.

    Acar Buah-Buahan Maklang



    • 4 biji limau nipis/kasturi jeruk
    • 10 biji belimbing buluh jeruk
    • 20 biji cermai jeruk
    • 5 biji mangga muda jeruk
    • 1 cawan kismis
    • 5 biji buah pala jeruk
    • 1 mangkuk kecil halia jeruk
    • 10 biji prune
    • 250gm buah asam boi – warna merah
    • 5 biji buah bidara jeruk
    • 20 biji bawang merah, biar sebiji-sebiji
    • 5 biji bawang putih, biar sebiji-sebiji
    • sedikit bijan goreng
    • 1/2 botol kecil cuka putih
    • 2 1/2 cawan gula
    • 1 1/2 cawan cili kering yang telah siap dikisar
    • 2 sudu serbuk ketumbar
    • 1 sudu serbuk jintan manis
    • 1 sudu serbuk jintan putih
    • sedikit bijan goreng
    • 5 biji bawang merah dihiris
    • 3 biji bawang putih, dihiris
    • 1 cawan minyak untuk menumis
    Cara Menyediakannya

    • Panaskan minyak, tumiskan bawang hiris hingga wangi. kemudian masukkan cili kisar. Bila cili garing, masukkan serbuk ketumbar, jintan manis dan jintan putih.

    • Bila telah wangi, masukkan gula dan cuka. bila gula telah larut dan pekat, masukkan buah-buahan serta bawang. Masaklah hingga pekat dan agak kering.
    • Akhir sekali, masukkan bijan goreng. Bolehlah diangkat dan dihidangkan.
    ps : Acar tahan disimpan selama dua minggu.
    Selamat mencuba.

    Laksam and gravy recipe


    Laksam .Bahan plate Laksam

    200 g rice flour
    40 g wheat flour
    1 tablespoon flour, starch
    Enough salt
    550-600 ml water
    Oil for melengser

    Material Madiun
    600 g mackerel, boiled, mashed take fill &
    2 liters of milk (and 2 seed oil)
    6 cloves shallots, pounded
    1 cm ginger, pounded
    2-3 g of black powder is
    1 piece of tamarind Corrugated
    Enough salt

    Supplementary Material
    15-20 ciii handle dry, soaked
    A seed cucumber, finely chopped
    10 bars long beans, sliced small
    40 g basil leaves, dimayang
    30 g leaves kesum, dimayang
    200 g bean sprouts, tails removed
    3 cm cube of shrimp paste, toasted
    3 pieces lime, sliced 4

    How to make:

       1. Brewing all dressing ingredients until boiling. Low heat and simmer until syrupy. Pick up and set aside.
       2. To laksam, mix all types of flour with salt water to form a smooth dough.
       3. Lengser brass round of oil. Pour a little batter to form a thin layer. Steam for 3-4 minutes or until cooked.
       4. Lightly oil the surface and roll while still hot. Sliced 1 cm thick when to eat it with a side of gravy.

    Good try. :)

    Resepi Laksam dan Kuahnya


    Sepinggan Laksam.Bahan Laksam
    200 g tepung beras
    40 g tepung gandum
    1 camca tepung kanji
    Garam secukupnya
    550-600 ml air
    Minyak untuk melengser

    Bahan Kuah
    600 g ikan kembung, rebus, ambil isi & tumbuk
    2 liter santan (dan 2 biji kelapa)
    6 ulas bawang merah, ditumbuk
    1 cm halia, ditumbuk
    2-3 g serbuk ada hitam
    1 keping asam gelugur
    Garam secukupnya

    Bahan Sampingan
    15-20 tangkai ciii kering, direndam
    1 biji timun, dihiris halus
    10 batang kacang panjang, dihiris kecil
    40 g daun selasih, dimayang
    30 g daun kesum, dimayang
    200 g taugeh, dibuang ekor
    3 cm kiub belacan, dibakar
    3 biji limau nipis, dibelah 4

    Cara membuatnya:
    1. Jerang semua bahan kuah hingga mendidih. Perlahankan api dan renehkan hingga agak pekat. Angkat dan ketepikan.
    2. Untuk laksam, kacau semua jenis tepung dengan garam dan air hingga menjadi adunan yang sebati.
    3. Lengser loyang bulat dengan minyak. Tuangkan sedikit adunan agar membentuk satu lapisan nipis. Kukus selama 3-4 minit atau hingga masak.
    4. Sapukan sedikit minyak pada permukaannya dan gulung ketika masih panas. Hiris setebal 1 cm bila hendak memakannya dengan bahan sampingan dan kuah.
    Selamat mencuba. :)  *

    Acar Special Fruit

    >> Citrus fruits for fruit Acar

    >> Acar fruit stand kept a few weeks.


    (A), chili grind:
    10 stalks dried chillies, soaked in hot water
    1 red onion
    3 cloves garlic
    little ginger
    - All the ingredients blended until smooth

    500 grams of orange fruit (specifically for fruit Acar)
    1 / 2 cup cooking oil
    1 / 3 cup sugar
    3 tablespoons vinegar
    2 tablespoons curry powder
    1 / 3 cup tomato puree
    2 sticks cinnamon
    2 star anise flowers
    enough salt
    1 / 4 cup sesame seeds, dry fried

    1. Heat oil and add cinnamon and star anise. Stir fry until fragrant perfume.
    2. Enter a blend of chilli and fry until crisp and broken oil.
    3. Enter the tomato puree, curry powder, vinegar, sugar and garam.Tumis longer to cook.
    4. Enter the orange fruits that have been washed and bijan.Gaul well and cook briefly.
    5. Pick up and cool.

    Tip: Wash the orange is under water to remove acid berlebihan.Untuk more durable, store in refrigerator.

    Acar Buah-buahan IstimewaAcar Buah-buahan Istimewa

    >>Buah-buahan jeruk untuk acar buah

    >>Acar buah ini tahan disimpan beberapa minggu.

    Bahan-bahan :

    (A) -cili kisar:
    10 tangkai cili kering,direndam air panas
    1 biji bawang merah
    3 ulas bawang putih
    sedikit halia
    - Semua bahan dikisar hingga halus

    500 gm buah-buahan jeruk (khas buat acar buah)
    1/2 cawan minyak masak
    1/3 cawan gula
    3 sudu makan cuka
    2 sudu besar serbuk kari
    1/3 cawan puri tomato
    2 batang kulit kayu manis
    2 kuntum bunga lawang
    garam secukupnya
    1/4 cawan bijan, telah digoreng kering

    Cara Membuatnya :
    1. Panaskan minyak dan masukkan kulit kayu manis dan bunga lawang. Tumis hingga naik bau wangi.
    2. Masukkan cili kisar dan tumis hingga garing dan pecah minyak.
    3. Masukkan puri tomato, serbuk kari, cuka, gula dan garam.Tumis lagi hingga masak.
    4. Masukkan buah-buahan jeruk yang telah dibasuh dan bijan.Gaul sebati dan masak sebentar.
    5. Angkat dan sejukkan.

    Tip : Basuh buah jeruk ini dibawah air paip untuk menghilangkan asid yang berlebihan.Untuk lebih tahan lama, simpan dalam peti sejuk.


    Recipe Asam Pedas Ikan Pari fuh!


    Rays 600g (cut six)
    A flower stalk ginger bud (cut into ½)
    2 stalks spring kesum
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp sugar
    Javanese tamarind juice (tamarind fruit 30g Java mixed with a liter of water)
    6 stalks red pepper
    3 stalks dried chillies
    Turmeric 1cm life
    1sdb I sliced lemon grass
    4 sliced galangal
    ½ red onion
    6 cloves garlic
    1 tsp coriander
    ½ tsp shrimp paste

    Cara Cara
    1. Heat oil and Stir ingredients well-blended.
    2. Enter the Rays and cook for 2-3 minutes until kecut.
    3. Enter the interest rate cut ginger bud and leaf ½ kesum.
    4. Mix the tamarind juice and allow to boil Java. Enter the seasoning ingredients and serve with the sliced ginger bud delicate flower.

    Resepi Asam Pedas Ikan Pari Fuh!


    600g ikan pari (dipotong enam)
    1 tangkai bunga kantan (dipotong ½)
    2 tangkai daun kesum
    1 sdt garam
    1 sdt gula
    jus asam jawa (30g buah asam jawa dicampur dgn 1 liter air)
    (yg dikisar)
    6 batang lada merah
    3 batang lada kering
    1cm kunyit hidup
    1sdb serai yg dihiris
    4 hiris lengkuas
    ½ biji bawang merah
    6 biji bawang putih
    1 sdt ketumbar
    ½ sdt belacan

    Cara Cara
    1. Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bahan-bahan yg dikisar.
    2. Masukkan ikan pari dan masak sehingga kecut selama 2-3 minit.
    3. Masukkan bunga kantan yang dipotong ½ serta daun kesum.
    4. Campurkan jus asam jawa dan biarkan hingga mendidih. Masukkan bahan-bahan perasa dan hidangkan bersama bunga kantan yang dihiris halus.

    special bone soup recipe


    3 pound lamb or beef bones
    ½ inch ginger
    3 large onion seeds
    8 cloves garlic
    7 stems green pepper
    7 Seed Egg
    1 tsp black pepper
    1 tsp white pepper
    2 SDB Tomato Ketchup
    A flat scoop sugar (or to taste)
    Paste ½ box

    Cara Cara

    1. Boil the bones with water until tender.
    2. After the bone tender, leave some water in periok ¾
    3. Put above ingredients together with crushed pepper
    4. Take the paste and stir in half a box stock
    5. Stir until thick flat
    6. Enter Tomato Ketchup and stir
    7. Apply salt to taste with sugar, white pepper and black pepper
    8. Stir until boiling
    9. Add eggs
    10. Take a green chilli cut and chopped into the sauce.

    Resepi Sup Tulang Istimewa

    *Copy Foto :)


    3 kilo Tulang kambing atau lembu
    ½ inci Halia
    3 biji Bawang besar
    8 ulas Bawang putih
    7 batang Cili hijau
    7 biji Telur
    1 sdt Lada hitam
    1 sdt Lada putih
    2 sdb Tomato Ketchup
    1 senduk rata Gula (atau secukup rasa)
    ½ kotak Paste

    Cara Cara

    1. Rebus tulang bersama air hingga empuk.
    2. Setelah tulang empuk, tinggalkan ¾ setengah air dalam periok
    3. Masukkan bahan bahan kisar tadi bersama serbuk lada sulah
    4. Ambil paste setengah kotak dan kacau dalam rebusan
    5. Kacau hingga rata dan pekat
    6. Masukkan Tomato Ketchup dan kacau
    7. Bubuh garam secukup rasa berserta gula, lada putih dan lada hitam
    8. Kacau sampai mendidih
    9. Masukkan telur
    10. Ambil cili hijau yang telah dipotong dan taburkan ke dalam kuah.

    resepi Nasi Puding Istimewa

    1 cawan dimasak butir panjang atau beras basmati
    1 cawan susu utuh
    1 / 2 cawan krim kental
    3 / 4 cup santan
    2 ons gula, kira-kira 1 / 4 cup
    1 / 4 sdt kapulaga tanah
    1 1 / 2 ons kismis emas, kira-kira 1 / 3 cup
    1 1 / 2 ons cincang unsalted pistachio, sekitar 1 / 3 cup

    Dalam tumis nonstick periuk besar di atas api sedang, menggabungkan nasi dan susu. Panas sampai campuran bermula mendidih. Penurunan panas, untuk rendah dan masak di masak perlahan hingga campuran mula mengental, aduk terus, sekitar 5 minit.
    Meningkatkan panas ke medium, tambah krim pekat, santan, gula, dan kapulaga dan terus masak hingga campuran hanya bermula menebal lagi, sekitar 5 hingga 10 minit. Gunakan berus kecil untuk membantu mencegah kapulaga dari penggumpalan. Setelah campuran bermula mengental saja, keluarkan dari panas dan kacau dalam kismis dan pistachio. Transfer campuran untuk melayani individu pinggan atau mangkuk tempat gelas dan bungkus plastik langsung di permukaan puding. Sajikan dingin atau pada suhu bilik.

    Ringkasan Recipe
    Kesulitan: Mudah
    Prep Time: 10 minit
    Aktif Prep Time: 1 jam
    Cook Time: 20 minit
    Yield: 4 servings

    Special Rice Pudding recipe


    1 cup cooked long grain or basmati rice
    1 cup whole milk
    1/2 cup heavy cream
    3/4 cup coconut milk
    2 ounces sugar, approximately 1/4 cup
    1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
    1 1/2 ounces golden raisins, approximately 1/3 cup
    1 1/2 ounces chopped unsalted pistachios, approximately 1/3 cup

    In a large nonstick saute pan over medium heat, combine the cooked rice and milk. Heat until the mixture begins to boil. Decrease the heat to low and cook at a simmer until the mixture begins to thicken, stirring frequently, approximately 5 minutes.
    Increase the heat to medium, add the heavy cream, coconut milk, sugar, and cardamom and continue to cook until the mixture just begins to thicken again, approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Use a whisk to help prevent the cardamom from clumping. Once the mixture just begins to thicken, remove from the heat and stir in the raisins and pistachios. Transfer the mixture to individual serving dishes or a glass bowl and place plastic wrap directly on the surface of the pudding. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

    Recipe Summary
    Difficulty: Easy
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Inactive Prep Time: 1 hour
    Cook Time: 20 minutes
    Yield: 4 servings

    Nasi Puding India - India Rice Pudding


    Puding beras bahan: -

    1 cawan beras Basmati
    1 cawan susu pekat / atau wanita pemerah susu - 1 tin 2 liter segar,
    Semua susu 3 / 4 cup
    Gula pasir
    kacang cincang (almond, cashewnuts)
    Kapulaga serbuk
    Sejumput safron
    Cocconut debu.

    Puding beras Kaedah persiapan: -

    Cuci beras. Panaskan susu dalam pan.When terbuka susu mendidih add beras. Rebus beras dalam susu di atas api sedang hingga nasi benar-benar dilakukan. Tambahkan susu kental dan masak selama beberapa minit., Aduk terus, sampai kheer mencapai konsistensi yang dikehendaki. Ketika tampaknya sepenuhnya matang, tambah gula, debu cocconut dan kacau hingga gula larut dan campuran thickens. Hapus dari api. Sajikan hiasi dengan kacang cincang, serbuk kapulaga dan kunyit. Hal ini lazat dua arah, sehingga puding beras boleh dihidangkan panas maupun dingin dilayani.

    Resep puding beras Acara: -

    Sajikan dengan roti India sebagai sebahagian daripada makanan utama atau makan sebagai pencuci mulut seorang.
    Beras nilai puding berkhasiat: -
    Moderat. kerana sangat berkhasiat untuk susu kandungan.
    Persiapan: -
    1 1/2Hr

    Indian Rice Pudding


    Rice pudding ingredients:-

    1 cup Basmati rice
    1 cup condensed milk/or milkmaid - 1 tin 2 quarts fresh,
    Whole milk 3/4 cup
    Granulated sugar
    Chopped nuts(almonds, cashewnuts)
    Cardamom powder
    Pinch of saffron
    Cocconut dust.

    Rice pudding preparation Method:-

    Wash rice. Heat the milk in a open pan.When the milk comes to a boil add the rice. Boil the rice in the milk on a medium fire until the rice is completely done. Add condensed milk and cook for another some min., stirring continuously, until the kheer reaches a desired consistency. When it seems fully cooked, add the sugar, cocconut dust and stir till the sugar is dissolved and the mixture thickens. Remove from fire. Serve garnished with chopped nuts, cardamom powder and saffron. It is delicious both ways, so rice pudding can be served hot as well as served chilled.

    Rice pudding recipe Occasion:-

    Serve with Indian bread as part of the main meal or eat as a dessert.
    Rice pudding nutritious value:-
    Moderate. Highly nutritious owing to milk content.
    Preparation time:-
    1 1/2Hr

    Resepi Biskut Famous Amos -



    1 / 2 pound butter, softened
    3 / 4 cup gula pasir
    3 / 4 cup brown sugar cahaya
    1 sendok teh vanili ekstrak
    2 butir telur
    1 sudu teh baking soda
    1 / 2 sdt garam

    2 1 / 4 cawan tepung gandum
    4 oz. cincang pecans
    18 oz. semi-manis coklat cip

    Kocok mentega, gula pasir, gula merah, vanili, telur, baking soda dan garam dalam mangkuk besar.

    Campurkan tepung secara berperingkat (jika tidak, anda akan memiliki badai salju besar di dapur anda!)

    Aduk di pecans.

    Masukkan chocolate chips.

    Turun sudu makan adunan dan drop ke ungreased baking sheet.

    Panggang dalam oven 375 ° F preheated (350 ° F jika anda menggunakan oven elektrik) selama 9-11 minit atau hingga coklat keemasan. Semak di sepanjang jalan kerana setiap oven berbeza! Biarkan selama 2 minit, lalu pindahkan ke sejuk.

    lihat: bahan rahsia terkenal-amous - "© 2002 Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Syarikat, LLCî

    Biskut Famous-Amos : Nice Famous cookies



    1/2 pound butter, softened
    3/4 cups granulated sugar
    3/4 cups light brown sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
    4 oz. chopped pecans
    18 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, baking soda and salt in large mixing bowl.

    Combine the flour gradually (otherwise you'll have a big snow storm in your kitchen!)

    Stir in pecans.

    Stir in chocolate chips.

    Take tablespoons of batter and drop onto ungreased baking sheet.

    Bake in a preheated 375°F oven (350°F if you're using an electric oven) for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Check along the way because every oven is different! Let stand for 2 minutes and then remove to cool.

    refer: Famous-amous secret ingredient - "© 2002 Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Company, L.L.C.î,

    World Cup Recipe Ideas : By


    England lollyrecipeYES hero
    We have selected lots of great food for celebrations as part of our Real Food World Cup recipes feature. They will be updated every day so keep checking during the countdown to the World Cup.

    Group A

    South Africa
    Prego rolls – Probably a South African-Portuguese combination, the steaks for prego rolls should just be a couple of millimetres thick and the wine not too heavy. You need to have everything ready, as the meat only takes a couple of minutes to cook and these really should be eaten warm.
    Sticky brown ribs – Perfect finger food with a wonderful sweet chilli flavour.
    Milk tart – A buttery, cinnamon-spiked treat for special guests.

    Mexican jalapeño and lime burgers – Easy to make burgers with a spicy twist – the perfect dish for celebrating El Tri’s entry onto the world stage.
    Salmon and asparagus fajitas –  Easy-to-eat wraps that are just the thing for watching a big match.
    Speedy tortilla with peas, goat’s cheese and mint – Once cooked and cut into slices this tortilla makes great finger food to share.

    Gin fizz – Add to the party atmosphere with this refreshingly classic drink from Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo.
    Meatballs (Albóndigas) – Add a taste of Latin America to your party with this popular dish.

    French onion soup – Pay homage to Les Bleus with this simple version of a French classic.
    Duck cassoulet with citrus cabbage salad – Classic dish full of the strong flavours of French country cooking.
    Cherry Clafoutis – A delicious fruity taste offset by the creaminess and sweetness of the filling.

    Group B

    Spicy bean and sweet potato stew – A great veggie casserole to serve alongside the meaty specialities of this country.

    Sirloin with chimichurri sauce – Kick off the summer party season in style with this superb barbecue dish.
    Scones – With such a variety of culinary influences, Argentinians even have a fondness for that teatime treat – scones – preferably with cream and jam.

    Chicken and peanut stew – Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.
    Yellow Rice – A dazzling mix of yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers, corn on the cob and brilliant bits of golden mango.

    Korea Republic
    Noodles with chicken and mixed vegetables (Chapchae) – Great served with kimchi, the Korean speciality of spicy pickled vegetables.
    Cold noodle soup (Neng myun) – An extremely refreshing summer dish with a pleasantly spicy kick.

    Aubergine and walnut salad – The classic taste of a Mediterranean aubergine dish which is great served with plenty of dips and flatbread.
    The real Greek souvlaki and its trimmings – Not only a delicious genuine taste of Greece but ideal for a barbecue party as it’s easy to eat with your fingers (have a paper serviette handy to catch the juices).
    Moussaka-stuffed aubergines – A lovely dish to serve at a celebratory dinner, warming but not too heavy.

    Group C

    Fay Ripley's sausage rolls on the run – Be sure there are plenty of these moreish bites on hand for nervous fans to munch on – and lots of sauce for dipping.
    Raspberry and vanilla lollies – Cool them down with these delicious fruity lollies – they’re even in the team colours.
    Eton mess – Celebrate summer – and England’s chances – with this classic pudding.

    Classic beef burger –  Cook these tasty burgers on the barbecue for an authentic chargrilled flavour.
    Cranberry muffins – If you can, serve these wickedly good treats warm from the oven.
    Cranberry brownies – These melt-in-the-mouth chocolatey treats with a fruit tang are just right to hand round at the end of a celebratory evening.

    Chicken kebabs with lemon and coriander couscous – Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.
    Spice crusted sea bream fillets – Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.
    Date and cinnamon stuffed lamb– Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.

    Goulash – Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.

    Group D

    Potato salad with frankfurters – Provide a feast for friends with this elegant interpretation of a delicious peanutty dish eaten throughout West Africa every day.
    Apple pancakes – Delicious to round off any celebration with their combination of sweetness and fruitiness.

    Chargrilled chicken with fresh mango salsa –  A refreshingly easy summer recipe with a hint of the tropics.
    Grilled fish fillets – Light and delicious fish with a spicy kick to keep the juices flowing.
    White chocolate and macadamia brownies – Sweet, melt in the mouth bites great for rounding off any party.

    Garlic and yogurt potato cakes with smoked salmon – These ingredients were made for each other – you could serve them with a little sour cream to make them even yummier.
    Caraway pork chops – Good meaty dish – an old favourite made with a delicious central European twist.

    Joloff chicken and rice –  Based on rice, tomatoes and usually meat or fish, the popularity of this dish has spread to most of West Africa.
    Plantain-stuffed roast chicken with spicy mango salsa –  A mouthwatering combination of flavours mingle in this superb dish.

    Group E

    Grilled oatmeal meal herring with red onion and spinach – A variation of a classic Dutch delicacy, traditionally eaten at the beginning of summer.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Denmark.

    Smoked salmon sushi –  Grown-up finger food that’s super easy to make and perfect for munching while you’re watching the action.
    Teriyaki chicken with steamed sesame veg – Great traditional Japanese combination of chicken and vegetables that’s easy to serve up at any get-together.
    Japanese noodle soup with fresh tuna – Noodles and fresh tuna work well together for a substantial dish.

    Brown banana loaf –  Make this deliciously moist loaf the centrepiece of an afternoon tea party.
    Mango and ginger fizz – A cool, delicious and refreshing drink with the true taste of the Cameroons – sweet ripe mango.

    Group F

    Panzanella – Easy to make salad that friends and family will love – and come back for more.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Paraguay.

    New Zealand
    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for New Zealand.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Slovakia.

    Group G

    Bean fritters (Acaraje) – This fritter is probably the biggest symbol of African culture in Brazil. For over two centuries they have been sold in the streets of Bahia, on Brazil’s eastern coast, as a snack. Don’t use cooked or canned beans, as the batter will simply melt away in the oil. These acarajés can stand up to lots of hot seasoning.

    Korea DPR
    Gingered chicken noodles – Delicious and quick to make, this is a dish you could whip up and still have time to cheer on the team with the rest of your party guests.

    Côte d'Ivoire
    Lamb with black-eyed beans and pumpkin – The combination of lamb, beans and the pumpkin make for a really wonderful flavour – turn it into a party dish by doubling up on quantities.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Portugal.

    Group H

    Paella (spinach, rice, seafood and saffron) – One of the most delicious of Spanish dishes that is just made for sharing as it’s so easy to make a big pot for a celebration.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Switzerland.

    Chicken and salsa wraps – The strong flavours of these spicy wraps make them really mouthwatering and they’re great to eat with your fingers too.
    Spicy bean and sweet potato stew – A wonderful combination of flavours and it looks so colourful and appetising it’ll help make any party go with a swing.

    Watch this space! We'll be regularly updating the site with more recipes over the coming weeks so check back soon for our recommendations for Chile.